Being present does not mean that your child is not alone

You can see it in their eyes, the lonely children – the lack of trust in their eyes, that knowledge you see deep in there, the one that makes them seem so much older than their physical appearance.

Children growing up without the instinctive knowledge of trust. Children growing up, knowing that you simply cannot trust anyone but yourself. Children hungry for trust. Angry children, overly needy children – the ones with a bottomless pit of need inside. They touch a string inside that scares so many of us. We get annoyed by them, angry at them and we wish they were not near. We don’t want to know, we don’t want to try to fix them – we don’t want that responsibility.

ImageImagine how fresh they once were, buds – waiting to bloom. Someone drew some horrifying lines on their paper – noone want to see the drawings! Someone failed to fill their blank papers with pictures of trust and love and joy. Once you step over the lines, once you cross those boundaries, once you touch that child in a wrong manner with the wrong intentions you have colored their lives forever. Memories that never die.

So, it’s sad – it’s terrible – but it does not have to be without hope. Next time you meet a child that brings out the worst in you, try to give them a smile 🙂

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