when speculations become facts

There is a terrible plague going around, it is called speculations,presented as facts – outcome may very well be deadly in many cases.

I keep thinking that we have to look to ourselves when we find we lust for what’s on that tempting tray of speculations. We have to take one step back, ask ourselves if we really think that anyone else would know what was going on inside us at any given point in time.


Big ears, but even bigger mouths!

We all do it from time to time, but we should all aim for as little of it as possible. Evil gossip and speculations is known to cause misery and death.

I want the freedom to be me, i want you to have that freedom too; you have never walked in my shoes, and i have never walked in yours.

It is Wednesday, midweek – I wish you all a good one 🙂



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