It comes in all forms – and i guess that first and foremost it is physical pain that comes to mind when the word is uttered.

Physical pain is hard when it affects your mental state, yet – you can use mental strenght to overcome a lot of physical pain. How about mental pain?

There is no other person who can know entirely how the inner you works. There is no other person who can take your mental pain and remove it. When lost in the maze of your inner pain you have to be your own guiding light.


It can be a lonely path, this life of ours.

Accept the love from those around you, and know that the reason why they love you lives in you!

It is Tuesday, it’s been a while – i’ll get back on track 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pain

  1. I am filled with pain and anguish, but I have two little boys who need me to be strong. So, they have been the strength I need to keep it together.I need them as much or more than they need me. They have their Ma, I have no one. So I look to remember and learn how to stand up for me, like I did for them, once they are fledged.

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