Perhaps it is time we define where responsibility should go

I read a heartbreaking story – written by a 17-year-old – about loss and grieving, and how the school system is not equipped to care for the grieving.

Today a politician was moved by the story and “ate the bait” – the schools need to meet the grieving in a better manner.

Teachers are people like the rest of us, some have a well-developed EQ, others a more developed IQ – and others again have more practical skills. Some even ended up as teachers by accident and would rather be somewhere else.

Do we as parents really want the teachers to raise our kids? Is it wise to leave all this power to people we don’t really know and people who probably have a set of values that differ greatly from our own?

Fiskum skjønnhet-1-8liteEvery child and each flower is unique, who is better equipped to nurture their uniqueness than their caretakers – and who are their caretakers?

Teachers are just humans, like the rest of us – do we really want “just any human” to be deeply involved in the raising of our children?

It is Thursday, i wish you a great one 🙂

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