Wasting our time

is perhaps one of the things we are best at – or so it seems from time to time. I read the newspaper today, and wealthy Norway has plenty to whine about. This time it was how so many have grandparents that are there for the children and how this creates a void and a soreness in the ones that don’t…

blomst-1-4lite                                  We are all layers of experiences – aren’t we

So, people are without jobs, food and a place to live – lack drinking water and have countries at war, and my newspaper writes about the jealousy and soreness that the few who don’t have grandparents that pay attention to their children feel. I sometimes wonder if it really is ok to “legalize” all these sore feelings in people by normalizing them in the media – perhaps it is ok to feel a slight stick of shame when one nurtures petty feelings and spends ones time pondering what one does not have, yearning for something out of reach?

Well, well, it is Wednesday – I wish you all a great one 🙂

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