Even broken flowers have their beauty

It is no secret that healthcare workers have a hard day, all over the world, in Norway too 🙂 These days a male nurse has been telling us stories about his days, which I guess is all fine – but somehow it comes out in a manner that provokes me. I have never been very happy about placing one job above an other, we all contribute in our way and no person is more important than the other – we are important as a team.

This male nurse tells us about incidents where he has been spat on, and where he has been called an idiot. Emphasizing his three-year long education, how he saves lives, and still he has to put up with this! I feel it is a sad world when not even healthcare personnel understand the desperation of the ones who actually spits on someone who is there to help them and call them an idiot.

Blomster-1-13lite                                     Even broken flowers have their beauty

I recall the times where I have behaved erratic, and all I know is that the level of desperation inside me has never been at greater heights than in those moments of time. I also know that when I was met with understanding and some patience, the stress level faded into the roots of what caused it, while when met with the kind of ignorance I read between the lines in these stories my desperation seemed to raise to even greater levels. I have yet to spit on someone, but I have no problem understanding the urge, and I figure that if the desperation is deep enough you spit.

Through your own experiences you get to understand others, let’s get some experience and use our wisdom wisely!

It is Wednesday – midweeks are good – i wish you all a great one 🙂



Perhaps it is time we define where responsibility should go

I read a heartbreaking story – written by a 17-year-old – about loss and grieving, and how the school system is not equipped to care for the grieving.

Today a politician was moved by the story and “ate the bait” – the schools need to meet the grieving in a better manner.

Teachers are people like the rest of us, some have a well-developed EQ, others a more developed IQ – and others again have more practical skills. Some even ended up as teachers by accident and would rather be somewhere else.

Do we as parents really want the teachers to raise our kids? Is it wise to leave all this power to people we don’t really know and people who probably have a set of values that differ greatly from our own?

Fiskum skjønnhet-1-8liteEvery child and each flower is unique, who is better equipped to nurture their uniqueness than their caretakers – and who are their caretakers?

Teachers are just humans, like the rest of us – do we really want “just any human” to be deeply involved in the raising of our children?

It is Thursday, i wish you a great one 🙂

live the beauty

live it from within. The moment you allow for it to enter the core of you it will shine right back at the rest of the world. So easy, so simple – yet so incredibly hard. We get lost, over and over – we think it is what happens around us, but it all comes from within.

Fiskum skjønnhet-1-4lite                                              The beauty of reflection

We can walk by one pretty face after the other, see through hundreds of pages of gorgeous people – most of them will never leave even leave a trace in our minds. Take a look at what you remember, who you remember and why – then look inside yourself and bring it out. It is the reflective beauty from within that sticks like patches of unforgettable beauty on your mind.

Put your inner beauty on and go out to meet the world – it is Monday, the day of all great beginnings 🙂

Wasting our time

is perhaps one of the things we are best at – or so it seems from time to time. I read the newspaper today, and wealthy Norway has plenty to whine about. This time it was how so many have grandparents that are there for the children and how this creates a void and a soreness in the ones that don’t…

blomst-1-4lite                                  We are all layers of experiences – aren’t we

So, people are without jobs, food and a place to live – lack drinking water and have countries at war, and my newspaper writes about the jealousy and soreness that the few who don’t have grandparents that pay attention to their children feel. I sometimes wonder if it really is ok to “legalize” all these sore feelings in people by normalizing them in the media – perhaps it is ok to feel a slight stick of shame when one nurtures petty feelings and spends ones time pondering what one does not have, yearning for something out of reach?

Well, well, it is Wednesday – I wish you all a great one 🙂

The smell of forgotten parts of a you

There are no treasures like the ones you carry inside – your joy is there, just waiting to come out and say hello – all you need is that little spark of unknown something and you can hold on and go for a ride.

Blood Command-1-9fbSometimes we hide because we need to, sometimes we forget – thinking time withered it off, but once there – always there!

When you smell a forgotten part of you, make sure you go for a ride before you let go.

It is Tuesday, I wish you all a great one 🙂