the promise in what’s yet to bloom

I see it everywhere these days, that promise in buds – in young people, old people and the ones in between. It is like we are all waiting to bloom one way or the other. Then there are the ones who is already blooming, seemingly forever….gorgeous,,,fantastic people with an aura to die for

skudd                                                you sense the beauty of it all

Blooming is different in every stage of life, as a child, the life in you spurts …then as a teen waiting to be an adult, and as an adult in your career and your hopes and dreams, the families you are about to have. As a mother, as a father : we bloom…

then there is the days when you get your life back and you are supposed to find a new era of you…glorious buds and glorious blooming

It is Thursday, I wish you all a great day 🙂

The beauty of living in the forrest

I promised you spring pics from my paradise – and now it is starting – flowers and buds – smiling at me as i walk outside my house, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

hvitveisIt is absolutely impossible not to smile with such an abundance of beauty right outside my door 🙂

It is Sunday, hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

May is here

and it started blue…a cloudy blue singing the blues in me…

Sometimes the need for a quiet time inside myself, taking that walk through memories that perhaps are not the brightest ones, and dreams that never came true. I wish I stayed in the present always, I like the presence of present…

Anne Merete-1-10 lite                                          Be present my presence

So, it is May, spring is officially here – I will bloom and so will you

It is Friday and I wish you a fantastic day 🙂