the notion of love

I read endless – beautiful – exclamations of love – about love wanted, love longed for, love needed and love lost – but what is love really?

I have found in life that love is not about what you get, love is about what you are able to give. Love is time, love is waiting, love is tending and love is nurturing.

IMG_0027                                          Love will only bloom when nurtured right

When in its spring, love will flush over you and bloom like flowers in a vase. It is hot, mesmerizing and hypnotizing – it is a buzz you want to last forever. Then comes summer and your roots start spreading, filling the core of you – your love becomes a tree and somewhere inside you know that fall with its winter is coming. The strength of your love will be tested, the fertilizer and soil you chose will show if the stem of your tree will last an other year.

Love has winters and love has fall – it has its springs and summers too – find your soil and spread your roots. Love starts with you giving 🙂

It is Monday, the day for all new beginnings – wish you a great one !

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