the blame game

Being you, and being me is not always easy – we are so complex and there are so many things that live within – things we maybe never will get hold of. We are creatures put together by genes and experiences – it all adds up to the sum of you, and me !

The most human thing to do, is the blame game – it hurts, we look around and we find the reason for our pain, annoyance and irritation. Someone or something set us off, someone or something made us act, someone or something caused the pit of misery and glued us in the blame game!

It all starts with you, and me. All our actions are our own, all our reactions are our own – we even own our own happiness, it is in your hand, and in mine – yet so hard to reach.

dessert2The dessert of life is inside you and right in front of you,and me, all we need is the spoon!

We think we don’t matter, but we do – it all starts with one individual – we all have a choice.

It is Thursday, sunny here – gotta love that – wish you all a great day šŸ™‚

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