Vagabond love

my 17-year-old cat, Sophie has during the years had her choice among suitors. As we live in the forest it has been a mixture of groomed and handsome men from good homes, and those who clearly had no home and were not so groomed.

vagabond                                                        The chosen one

She was choosy, for years there were no one who appealed to miss Sophie’s taste. Then one day, out of the blue, a huge, smelly guy with fur like dreadlocks started to stop by to have a snack with her. He was quite shy and would run out as soon as he heard a whisper. We could see from the leftovers on the coach that they spent the nights together, yet we barely got a glimpse of him. It took two years until he decided he to say hello, it was as if he had decided that we were his future in-laws. He was polite and kept at a distance for an other year until we were accepted and he would even stop by our bedroom from time to time. We never got him fully groomed or as “posh” as he could have been, he was hit by a car and died the year after – but truth is he made an impression on us all – first one of horror, then one of respect and admiration. A strong, handsome vagabond was the love of Miss Sophie 🙂

It is Wednesday, it is sunny here – wish you a great day 🙂 Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder !

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