the constant pursuit

of happiness…

This painful void inside, a hollow feeling of not having found what we are looking for – a hunger which is not tangible, yet providing us with a drive perhaps greater than any.

The pursuit of happiness!

run                   Most of us run, the running itself blending into the surroundings

The hard truth is that happiness is not found in a perfect body, or eternal youth, it is not found in material wealth or power just for the sake of power. The key to true happiness is within, in finding the right tune and going with what actually makes you happy there and then.

The good thing being that happiness begets happiness and when grounded in it you will usually find a good way even through the bad days.

It is Monday, a sunny and beautiful one at that – wish you all a great day 🙂

3 thoughts on “the constant pursuit

  1. I don’t think that inner hunger is for happiness. Happiness is controllable by thoughts, you can think yourself happy. This hunger is for something deeper; it is being homesick when you are at home, it is being hungry even when you are full of happiness. The thing we crave is more likely to bring a tear to our eye than a smile to our face. It is the echo of loneliness even when we are surrounded by our nearest and dearest. As C S Lewis puts it: “If I find within myself a desire for something that nothing on this earth can satisfy, it follows that I was designed for another world.” I think this yearning and longing is for something that has it’s origin outside of this physical world, and that is why we are never satisfied with the ‘things’ of this world. It is a wonderful and precious desire that keeps us on our toes, looking for the true reasons behind our existence. No matter how many things we acquire, they do not bring us more than momentary happiness, we still have a hole inside us that swallows all vain attempts at acheiving contentment, leaving us with an unavoidable awareness of our own emptiness. To me, the meaning of life is relationship (maybe in order of importance); with our Maker, parents, spouse, children, family, friends and human family. If we are lacking these, we will be painfully aware of the hole inside us and will try to fill that hole with drugs and alcohol, possessions or emotional battles, books, music, films and any other distraction from the voice that cries from deep within us: ‘Something is missing!’
    Happy Easter 😀

    • i think i have to disagree – or perhaps i once again was unclear in my choice of words. I see people in a constant hunger for more beauty, more things, more money, younger looking bodies – and their response when you ask them why is that they think bigger boobs, prettier apartment or a slimmer waistline actually will make them happier. I see the responses in magazines, on tv and other media like the net. I don’t see this direction of hunger as a good hunger at all. The hunger you describe is one for feelings and to be close to someone, i think that is a different drive than the one i was aiming for. I also think that you cannot be truly happy with someone else unless you have found that happy within yourself

      • Hey 🙂
        I think we understand each other, but have different ideas. I think it’s really hard to define that ‘painful void’, and the closest thing we experience to a permanent satisfaction, is the temporary satisfaction that happiness brings. So we ‘look’ for happiness, because that is all we know, but all of us when we find it realise that there is ‘still something missing’.
        Have a good day Miss Ner 😀

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