You can say it is a lamp, I say it creates magic – I love sitting outside in the dark, watching the tree while pondering life’s little mysteries. The fantastic feeling of a mutual conversation, pondering what makes them so special and so unforgettable.treetlite                                                               My fantastic view

sometimes in life you meet that someone special with whom it seems you need no words, yet you can spend hours discussing the little things of life – and the greater ones : and for some reason you understand each others words – embrace each others thoughts and float in a world where time and space is irrelevant.

It is Sunday – I wish you all a great day 🙂

It is here …

spring with its promises of tingling sensations…I know, they are still naked and waiting to be covered in natures greens and yellows and reds and blues…

rabarbra                                  I can barely wait till i can taste this !

Spring is on your tongue, in your smile and in your heart – spring has all the sensations and flavors of life…

I love it – hope you do too – it is Saturday and I wish you a great one 🙂

My moon

is your moon too – isn’t it wonderful and scary at the same time?

I can admire the moon from my window, then let my thoughts wander to other parts of the world. We may not watch it at the same time, but it is still the same moon.

moon                                         There – my moon – and yours too

I wonder who decided, if any at all, that under my moon there would be wealth and jobs and houses – while under your moon – which is my moon too – there is hunger, poverty and despair.

It is Friday, weekend is near – we all share the same moon – wish you a great day 🙂

The elephant in the room

Sometimes you are the only one not seeing the elephant in the room, and by the time you do it has grown to a size that overshadows most of your existence ….We usually carry them in the backpack of memories from childhood, or from early experiences as adults – the little things, or big things that molded us to the one we are today.

elefanten                                  The pretty version of my elephant

I have more than once heard people around me say that they will never turn out like their parents for example, then as of late i hear friends say; help, I am becoming my mother, or my father! (One kind of elephant).

Let’s unpack our memories gently and absorb their influence in a manner that creates the version of you that is true to the one you are !

It is Thursday, I wish you a great day 🙂

Interactional love

Love is a strange little thing, founded on mutual ground we think, but perhaps more than anything else based on how we cope with the ground that is not so mutual.

unity                                         Is there such a thing as perfect unity

We all wish and need to be loved, loved for who we are – and perhaps more than anything else not in spite of our darker sides – but because of them. We seek some form of acceptance in the ones we have in our everyday life, they know us and we need to know we are loved as a whole, and not for bits and pieces. We need that someone special to share our shameful little corners with, and perhaps we sometimes forget that it is the same the other way around?

It is Wednesday, perhaps one with interactional love – I wish you all a great day 🙂

The blurry unspoken

that is so obvious and clear

All these truths that we all know, but are words not to be spoken. You see them, you observe them, you know them – yet if you utter the words you have actually done the unspeakable.

blomst2                                                            Blurry truths

You have gained weight, but everyone says it is not visible. You had a terrible haircut, yet everyone say you look great – you burnt your food, but your guests insist it tastes fantastic….

The absurdity in where the simple truth fades into the speakable lie and makes us wonder when the lie starts and where the truth begins..

It is truth Sunday – sunny and fantastic – wish you all a great day 🙂

Branch out

Look at this, a small piece of nature…

grener                                        Randomly chosen from my porch 🙂

Mother nature is the greatest miracle there is 🙂

It is Monday, the day of all new beginnings – wish you a great day !