Rare flowers

you meet souls in different ways, it is all in how much they wish to share with you. Catfish is used as an example of how you can be fooled on the net – but to me even catfish served a purpose. It was a lonely woman with a hard life who needed an outlet for her dreams and wishes.

orkide                                    I think no one allowed for her flower to bloom

So, some people lie on the net, and others lie in real life – some people steal on the net, others steal in real life. I think internet serves a purpose for many who are not liars as we see them when we meet them and offer them something true, but people who need a life that they don’t have at the time when they create it on the net.

Most of all I treasure the ones I see as real, true and honest – the ones who share with me their hardship and their joys. I see rare flowers bloom, on the net and off 🙂

I wish you all a great easter day – it is Sunday, hope it was good 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rare flowers

  1. Very nice, Anja. Catfishing is a painful process on this medium, as people have “real” lives aside from Twitter or other social medium. The internet does, however, provide an outlet for pent up emotions. Yet, if there were no internet, we’d find “real” people or activities to release or find those moments this medium fills. 🙂

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