The luxury of boring

I can hear people say that they are bored, on occasion I can understand how mundane repeating work tasks can get boring – though, if allowed I think the one performing the boring tasks probably could add something to their workplace if permitted. There is also another goal in this boring, we need that money to pay for our rent etc. If this goal is boring to you, I guess it is time to try a couple of months as a homeless….

steiner                     Random stones, beautiful – nothing boring even about them…..

Quite another is it to complain over time that you can spend all for you and the ones you love. You can fill it with whatever you want, and still I hear that word: Boring , and it is as if one does not understand that this time around you are the one who chose boring.

Life is bigger than us, it will go on long after we are gone, life is not here to entertain us – we are here to entertain life.

So if boring is what you want, i wish you a boring Sunday, me I kind of like boring at times, it gives me time to think 🙂

4 thoughts on “The luxury of boring

  1. “We are here to entertain life!” I enjoy that thought! So true. I think life would be static if we were to always have superfun, and I don’t like that thought at all.. I think it is great to have some moments of quiet and peace at times.

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