Social settings

and social quirks ….

We all have them, some of us more visible than others. Went to the theatre yesterday – with my husband. It was a comedy and of course i laughed. My laugh is loud, and i guess better described by others than by me.

So, in addition to my loud quirky laughter, i have one more quirk – i tend to start laughing about 5 seconds before everyone else….

måke                        Sometimes my quirks make me wish i had wings like this guy

Lets feel the love and move around every quirk and crinkle…lets use the emotions to make the motion and let it all be good 🙂

It is Saturday, enjoy my friends – weekends are good !

5 thoughts on “Social settings

  1. You have a wonderful laugh! Most like mine. And if nothing else, a good long laughter extends your lifetime and strengthens your abdominal muscles. 🙂

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