Showing an option

…or serving the answer?

As a parent you have to serve the answer from time to time, but then again – you are the one who will be held accountable if something turns out wrong.

I wonder if people who willingly give out the answers to people ever sit down and think about consequences? We all have times where we want and need an answer, and sometimes we are in a state where we need it so bad that we gladly hold on to the answer from another. We forget that in the end we may very well be alone if everything turns out wrong. I wonder if the one who served the answer ever sits down and feel the responsibility…

levende svar                                 When the dish served takes on a life of its own

Every answer takes on a life, when this life is one of greatness it is easy to jump up and take the honor for being its source – but what when it all goes wrong?

Food for thought – it is midweek – a great day Wednesday – wish you all a fantastic day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Showing an option

  1. Surely, all that we can do is offer an opinion to any situation. It might be wrong and it might be right. We might believe completely that we are totally right or we might not be too sure. So long as we are honest and have given the matter proper consideration then we must have done all that we can do. Wrong or right.

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