the beautiful simplicity

of a complex mind….

We are all minds wrapped in physical beings…we live through our thoughts and feelings, the conclusions we draw from experience steering us in different directions – our ability to absorb our reality the captain of our boat.

monolitten                Love this sculpture, the monolith – well placed in an amazing park in Oslo.

I’ve heard many a time that the purpose justifies the means – but time after time history begs to differ. It is so easy to be wise after the event – but whose smart should one trust in the present?

We play little Gods every day, each and every one of us – it seems to be a part of human nature to believe so firmly in our own truth that we pass it on as reality to others. We demand of others to see truth as we see it.

I live my life with the best of intentions, i try to not see my best as what is best for others – yet there is not one day i cannot see it all in a different perspective when i look back with the wisdom of my failure in sight.

I see the beauty in the sum of you, the beautiful simplicity of your complex mind – my anchor in this world is that you do the same for me.

It is weekend, it is Saturday – I wish you all wisdom gained with the vision to see its beauty. 🙂

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