creation of a spotless mind

who wants it, and who really loves it ? Is it not in the spots we find the greatest beauty? Media seems to picture perfect, but what really sells is the flaws in others. We seem to have an endless love for what is not perfect, yet yearn for unachievable perfection.

engel                                  If i was an angel, i would look something like this 🙂

One thing is certain, at one point we will all fall – one way or the other. We will all have those thoughts that cannot be spoken out loud, we will have wishes that hopefully never come true. We are all perverts and idiots and sinners and and and… For some reason we prefer to see the sinner, the pervert and the idiot and and and – in everyone but ourselves. Or – some of us seem to drown ourselves in our own sins. If we cannot punish others, we punish ourselves. The destruction of a human soul.

Perhaps it all would be a little easier if we focus more on ourselves, and less on others – not in a narcissistic way, merely in a constructive one; embracing all of who you are 🙂

It is Thursday, I wish you all a fantastic day with constructive self-revelation 🙂

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