Almost like an angel

Spring stopped by, almost like an angel it tiptoed its way through my woods. I saw it as a ballerina with no face, sprinkling pixie dust as she swayed between my trees. Her little skirt bounced as she placed that sensual spring aura around the inner world of my soul.


I guess it was too dark, but I saw her floating and a hint of her helpers. Their feet – naked as spring in its morning.

Now I chant, waiting for her return. Let’s chant together 🙂

It is Wednesday – I wish you all a fantastic Wednesday and i hope you see that wish of yours that does come true 🙂

2 thoughts on “Almost like an angel

  1. We don’t seem to get Spring or Fall and more, it’s raw and nasty, then one day its over 35c and stays that way until September.or later.

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