Bare trees means…

soon to be coated in green trees !!

It is dripping from my rooftop, it is running like little streams here and there. Me – I am waiting for the streams to grow bigger and for the ground to come back up from under its layer of white. It is snow, people – snow melting, telling me that spring with its beauty and summer with its warm is on the way !!

snesmelt                         Notice the naked branches, notice how they now stand tall !!

snesmelt2               Notice the blue blue sky, do you see the tree sending its message to the sun?

I might be a little ahead of myself, i know, but who cares!

Let’s celebrate the beauty of spring where everything comes alive 🙂

It is Friday, it is weekend – wow !!!

Wish you all a great day 🙂

10 thoughts on “Bare trees means…

  1. It has been like spring for the last week here in the Outer Hebrides with cold clear sunshine and the days stretching out so that you wake up to daylight and can still be outdoors and doing into the evening. Cold and rainy today but who cares. The snow and ice can’t touch us now before the sunshine and greenery have come and gone.
    Have a good weekend.

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