Sometimes you have to give a smile

to get one back ….

There are black days who seem like they are never-ending – days that go by and it feels like no one cares, no one sees you and no one gives a damn about you.

Sometimes it may be wise to ask ourselves what we give out in order to get back that smile we are longing for. If the energy we send out maybe is backfiring. It does not really have anything to do with who we are, or us being a bad person – it is just that perhaps we have let too much bad energy pile up inside and the signals we send out encourage others to send them right back.

1-1-14                                         Perhaps it is your turn to buy the roses?

It is not about who you are as a person, it is not about karma or being bad – it is all in that little smile you actually give and remembering that we all have our bad days, and chances are that if your smile is met with a grimace you just met a bad day in another person.

It is Thursday, weekend is just around the corner.

Wish you all a great day 🙂

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