Slow goodbyes or new hello’s ?

The slow goodbyes, the inevitable goodbyes, the last goodbyes, the goodbyes in passing….

I had two goodbyes that were forever last year, one was slow and one i did not see coming. They were both forever goodbyes. I am left with memories of two wonderful people who both, in each their way, enriched my life. I miss them, perhaps every day – yes, i think they are with me every day – still…..and perhaps they will be forever.

handswavingI have cried and felt my loss, i have thought about how they lived and how they taught me about life. I have remembered our first hello’s and also the last goodbyes. They lived graciously, they lived their life at their fullest, each in their way, each with such admirable courage and rare freedom.

I am not sure if our last good byes were a new hello or a good-bye forever. I think perhaps the first, rather than the latter.

It is Monday, the day of all days for new beginnings: Hello 🙂

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