Blast from the past

I never got to know my grandfather, really – he was an old man with not too much patience for kids. Yet he was strange enough for a child to have some memories about him, half way fond and half way wondering.

He did leave me with one thing though, that I must be attached to fore some odd reason. For my birth i got his head in concrete. Or at least that is what I think it is.

1-1lite                                                         Meet grandpa 🙂

He has travelled the world with me, and is currently residing in my living room, watching over us and the woods. He has seen more than most grandparents should !

People hardly ever ask me who it is, I guess because they probably all think that they should know who it is. After all, people do have Socrates, Mozart and other great heads in their living room : How can they know that I have my grandfather 🙂

One thing is for sure, he was something else !

It is Friday, it is weekend – nothing not to love about that.

Wishing you a great one 🙂

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