Rare flowers

you meet souls in different ways, it is all in how much they wish to share with you. Catfish is used as an example of how you can be fooled on the net – but to me even catfish served a purpose. It was a lonely woman with a hard life who needed an outlet for her dreams and wishes.

orkide                                    I think no one allowed for her flower to bloom

So, some people lie on the net, and others lie in real life – some people steal on the net, others steal in real life. I think internet serves a purpose for many who are not liars as we see them when we meet them and offer them something true, but people who need a life that they don’t have at the time when they create it on the net.

Most of all I treasure the ones I see as real, true and honest – the ones who share with me their hardship and their joys. I see rare flowers bloom, on the net and off 🙂

I wish you all a great easter day – it is Sunday, hope it was good 🙂

That little thought

that comes with a messenger you love, as a surprise – wrapped in pretty wrapping.I got one of those today. I am not sure what is best, that she was there with her lovely smile – that cute little package – me opening it somewhat like a child – or the pretty little egg hiding sweet secrets inside.

påske egg påske egg2Some times, some thoughts leave a long-lasting smile in a heart – this one left one in mine !

It is easter, i got an egg – I hope you did too !

I wish you all a great Saturday 🙂

That special place


Nothing fancy about my house, but where it is built makes it paradise to me. In the woods, all I see is trees and the animals that come with it. It is getting closer to outside time, and I am about to test it today. My furniture is out and the sun is shining, perhaps I will even get a slight tan 🙂

uteplassenAs you can see there is still snow, but with some inventive ideas from my husband I am ready to sit outside, even with my foot as it is 🙂

utsikit 2Part of my view around the house, I will share as spring and summer sets

I share because it is beautiful to me, and so are you all!

I wish you a great Friday – and a happy easter !

There are places

where the sun never shines. How sad is that!

To me the sun is joy, warmth, freedom, growth – it brings me spring, it brings me summer and takes a beautiful goodbye with a glorious fall.

Clothes will fall, the grass will again get that green color – the ground will feel warm under bare feet. Light will fill every inch of my world – sunshine caresses even the core of my soul like a caring wind that encapsulates the being of me.

kantarell lite          The sun departs in fall with tasteful wonders, creations of a good summer

I smell the sunshine, I sense spring with its coming summer – and fall is still far away.

It is Thursday – I wish you all a fantastic day 🙂

snap days

You wake up in the morning, and something is wrong…that murmur of nothing and everything – your smile feels like a sneer even when your fingers force your lips upward.

The struggle is on, and inside you know that at some point you will lose, that temper will snap somewhere, at someone or something – just hoping it will be a manageable bang.

anger                                   some bangs are bigger bangs than others

Let it out, air the bang – or it might end up in an explosion….or perhaps even worse, as a sour smudged everything inside of you….just simmering and ruining any good thing that in spite of the mood lands in your lap.

It is Wednesday, it is sunny here, gotta love that – wish you all a great day 🙂

Utensils in the kitchen

…let’s cook a soul

What if the soul was a meal, perhaps there are well prepared souls out there – the ones with just the right amount of spice and the exact cooking time….but what about the rest of us – somewhat raw with the spice of life…

utenzils                                It is not all in the utensils, it is also about the chef

So many things to take into consideration, and when it comes down to it is all about that palate who is about to devour the sum of the meal that is you.

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder, people 🙂

It is Tuesday – lets find our spice and savour the taste…- wish you all a great day !

There is no zen in prejudice

prejudice is an ugly little thing that lives in most of us. We see it in others – but it is hard to see the one inside ourselves. I’ve found fear to be one of my own most active fertilizers for this ugly little flower to bloom.

zen                                      A place to rest from fears and others fear

To meet prejudice in others evokes all sorts of feelings in me, everything from feeling small, getting angry and provoked to a deep unexplainable need and wish to explain myself.

One thing i know for sure, whether i feel it in me, see it in others or feel the world meets me with it – prejudice has no zen whatsoever.

It is Monday, the day of all new beginnings – how about a zen week without prejudice?

WIsh you all a great day 🙂