A  musician, whom I do not know personally, but that I admire greatly (Ole Paus) once said that he felt a distance to the world –  and that his songs were written in that space between him and the rest of the world. Beautiful lyrics, for Norwegians only to enjoy unfortunately.

When entering that space he was talking about, and watching the world through eyes like his, one thing comes out perhaps stronger than anything else.

We are born the same, yet we seem to see others as either less than us or better than us. We can seek like-minded people, but it seems like we find it hard to see our equals.

speil                                            Mirror mirror on the wall…….

I wonder why, we look in the mirror and we seek magic, perhaps we are searching for the one we wish we looked like? But what when we meet our equal? Are we really ready for our true soul mates?

I wonder if the one who is no more, and no less than ourselves perhaps is the scariest one of them all.

It is Wednesday – a good Wednesday in my book – off to face my demons 🙂

Wish you a great day !

11 thoughts on “Equals….

  1. Well written..but you need to understand the fact that it depends on how people think over it..We all are born the same but the way we all are brought up is not the same..the way a person thinks differs from the other..

    • my point is more that we are born alike, and we do often choose one to look down on, or one to admire -and we rarely look for our equals:) It is a short piece and not meant to be much more than a little thought provocative 🙂

  2. Interesting and thought provoking article Anja.
    I don’t think that contrasts and equals are two sides of the same coin; they are not mutually exclusive… equality is objective, it concerns the inherent right of human beings; their free will. Contrast is different, you wouldn’t say that black and white people are ‘unequal’ or that brown and blonde hair are not equal. Equality means to treat all people the same and not to treat people differently because of their differences, their skin colour or any other contrast..

  3. Meanings exist in the mind anyway and not in the words themselves. It’s good to clarify what you mean by some words as they are over used and can have quite subtle differences to different people. I don’t see how two people could be equal in the way you are describing… I mean, who measures? If it is one of those who are the ‘equals’, I would certainly doubt their own appraisal of their ‘value’; I think the majority inflate their own value in their own mind, and the rest under-value themselves. I don’t think our assessment of others is much more accurate either, we tend to see in others what we find in ourselves. Look at this world… we value singers more than surgeons, actors more than activists. I’d say our scales are broken.

    • one can have equal personal strenghts and qualities, one can meet people who would be a match to one intellect, strenghts (emotional or physical) people who for some reason ended up in a place quite like where one is oneself (inside). I think that seeing oneself with both strenghts and weaknesses in an other person perhaps is the greatest challenge of them all. I don’t feel however that i am communicating it in a way that makes sense to you 🙂

  4. I think it is the best place to start, with the assumption that we don’t understood each other because although we both know what we want to say, we don’t know how to make the other hear it. If I swap the word ‘equality’ with ‘balance’, an understanding comes into focus, and these two words are like countries with overlapping borders. In light of this, I think I can see your question, and some ideas come to mind.
    The weak may looker for weaker to make them feel strong, or they may look for stronger to protect and possibly inspire and improve them. The strong may look for someone they can dominate, or they may look for someone they can admire and emulate. I suppose it comes down to person’s core character, is this person a giver or a taker, and emotionally; are they like a boat in a storm, or a ship in calm water. Do they need rescuing, or are they here to be lifeguards? And what if two lifeguards get together, do they make each other unnecessary? Not if they work as a team; I think they become a ‘superlifeguard’, the sum is greater than the parts. But what if two ‘drowners’ get together? Ugh, it’s gonna get very messy before it gets tidy again.
    I suspect that often at the beginning of a relationship, there is not so much honest logical self-debate, we hear a different tune, you could say. And maybe it is necessary, because if we really did engage ourselves in a strict logical appraisal of a prospective partner, we may talk ourselves into staying single even though we don’t want to be.
    Okay, I typed enough now 🙂

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