Losing what you never had

You can lose someone close to you, or bits and pieces that were a part of great memories. Material things are lost constantly – but what about the things you never had?

I am wanting you to take a short trip into a soul. Born innocent and beautiful as all babies are when they come into this world. With an open heart and the eagerness to learn and start living. A child with a life ahead, a life it wants and longs for.

babylite                                                Two new beginnings ❤

The first things a baby needs is food, sleep and love. In all its innocence it will learn from the one who is there to show them the way of life.

Innocent grows up and becomes experience – one step at the time. It is a journey of choices made, choices made by innocent and choices made by experienced. Time will come when innocent no longer is innocent, but experienced too.

The greatest void created in a child, I think is the one where there is lack of love. It can grow and become a bottomless hole of hunger and desperation. A hole that can suck you in and suck you down. Innocence may stay in the child and it will seek love and affirmation everywhere but inside itself. Not a good place to be. Not a healthy place to stay. Most of us touch it from time to time, after all – our caretakers are only human – but some live it every day. It is harder to cut that navel cord when it was dysfunctional in the first place. but remember, it was supposed to be cut, and what is left when you leave the nest is up to the one who cared for you more than anything else.

It hurts to lose the love you never had !

It is Tuesday, pick up Monday and carry it on to Wednesday

Wishing you all a great week !

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