What if….

…the what if’s were a WHATIF ?

They can be useful, they can be destroying, they can make you seem paranoid and they can make you seem aware. What the H…. would i do without my whatif’s, and why do i have to be bothered by them at all?

What if the Whatif had a switch?

Bryter med vri                                                  A nostalgic whatif switch 🙂

We all have our bags full of whatif’s – the ones conserning choices in the past – which are usually quite useless unless used constructively for choices in the future. Turn it off as soon as it gets negative and you feel destruction coming.

The whatif’s something goes wrong – a lot more confusing kind, but also usually very present in most of us. We actually need them to prevent disasters, but whatif they prevent us from excelling in life? I would suggest turning it off for a short while, just to take a look at it and figure out if it is worth it or not.

The what if he or she does not love me throws in the WHAT THEN? a whole other switch and theme. Ask yourself what good the whatif does for you when what then solely is there to prevent you from feeling vulnerable yourself.

Ok – what if i had a whatif switch – what would i do then ?

It is Friday, weekend is coming up – wishing you a great day with a moderate whatif rate 🙂

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