The beautiful sounding spice of life

I say lean back and listen to the stream of memories, take a deep breath and just hear it run like water in a creek – quietly, and persistently, finding its way through the bends and turns that life has given your path of experiences. That silent sigh spiced with a whisper of relief. Let it out and enjoy the peace of the moment.

gammle stol                          My imaginary recliner has been through som rough times

I can taste, feel and vision so many things. Fear, anger, resentment, joy, happiness, beauty, pride – the list is endless and colorful. The rainbow of life.

That perfect cup of coffee in the morning, the one where time stands still and your universe is filled with you and nothing else. The sound of quiet, rare and precious – i think perhaps it is love.

How I love those moments : of me, for me, from me – to me!

Sometimes sometime has to be about you.

It is Wednesday, I wish you all a moment for you – enjoy 🙂

Photo: Lene Bergstrøm Møbeltapetserer

2 thoughts on “The beautiful sounding spice of life

  1. I find my tranquil moment in a rare, hot bath, in some bath oil, with good reading material at hand. Love your tattered easy chair BTW.

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