Owning your own truth…

It sometimes strikes me as a little peculiar how we, perhaps the most possessive race to ever have existed – find it so surprisingly easy to place our truth in the hands of others.

If you touch my car, my house – whatever materialistic thing i own: I will report you to the police! Plain and simple.

politi                                                           POLICE !

I wonder where they are when someone takes your truth. And we do, all of us – in discussions and every time we voice an opinion and forget to be humble and respect others right to own their truth. I question many’s truth right now, and it does make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

I see websites popping up everywhere – where people exclaim that they can help me with my problems. I hear different methods and ways to true happiness, and all my alarms go off – there is no thing in life that is only positive, not even love – so where are the negatives?

We know so well that you can sit with a friend and watch a show on tv, and both of you will have a different perception and experience of the show. One opinion or experience is not less true than the other – it is how it is , it is who we are! It is what makes the world so beautiful and so complex at the same time!

Then comes the hard part, someone elses truth about YOU! It can sting and hurt and break a person down to a million pieces. For some reason, we can fight for our right to like and enjoy a musician, but so many of us forget to fight for the right to like ourselves.

Why is it, I wonder, that your truth about me  should affect my truth about me in such a severe manner?

This has been, and is a struggle, in the lives of everyone i know – including myself. Sometimes we see it clearly – other times we don’t. Nothing is black, and nothing is white – so why do we allow others to define ourselves in such poor coloring?

I believe it is healthy with some scepticism, even when something appears to be a quick fix to happiness. Even when the person who labels you in black and white supposedly loves you. Believe in your own right and wrong, and believe in others right to their right and wrong – find that place where you respect their right to have their opinion about you – and if it is energy draining and depressive, allow yourself some happiness and move on.

Some scepticism is healthy, negative scepticism in abundance is not – no scepticism is crazy 🙂

own your truth, respect others right to do the same!

It is Tuesday – I wish you all a great day 🙂

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