Pretty faces come and go, beautiful souls stay forever….

I can lean back and close my eyes, vision memories and vision people – little things from my past. The good things from my past. It is a good place to go for some relaxation and even to learn something new about myself. It is like a stream of moments quietly gliding through my soul.

himmel                       The sky is kind of infinite, like a soul and like memories

What strikes me is that if i pick up a photograph of a person, it rarely picture how i remember them. I can close my eyes and i can vision a person as breathtakingly beautiful – but when i see their pic i can objectively see that they were quite ordinary. OR – the other way around, i remember someone as disgustingly ugly, but when i see their picture, they were actually physically quite attractive.

I see beauty as skin deep, we all know beauty fades as you get older – or at least that it takes on a new form of beauty. Age is not scary to me, and i tend to feel there is something sad in all these changes people do to themselves.

I also know that beauty can fade in a second for me if i don’t like the personality.I am quite possessive of my subjectivity and ownership thereof. It is my prerogative to find beauty as i see it from my soul.

Thing is that in my memories, beauty is the personality and my soul works a little like Photoshop, i place their soul and the beauty or the ugly in my “physical” vision – and there you go; beauty was all an illusion – at least the way the media chooses to picture it to us.

It is Monday, the best day for all new beginnings – wish you a great day !

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