Everytime we meet…. Hvergang vi møtes

This should probably be in Norwegian, because it is a tribute from me to a programme that reaches out to the nerve in me. They have gathered some of the finest musicians in Norway in a small farm like place for a week. They each get one day where they get to be the main character for the day, and the other artist choose one song from this artists collection.

hvergangvimøtes  Kurt Nilsen, Ole Paus, Anita Skorgan, Marion raven, Magnus Gronneberg, Lene Marlin and Morten Abel

This way i can share some Norwegian greatness and some musical moment with you – even though you will never get to enjoy this show as much as i do.

They are so genuine, they share from their lives and they show such deep respect for each others work. The words a musician chooses when describing another musician is like music in itself.

Kurt Nilsen, one of the younger ones there, was my daughters greatest idol – her walls were plastered with pics of him from the first time she heard him sing on Norwegian Idol about ten years ago. He was called a hobbit in world idol, but he won – he has sung with Willie Nelson Kurt Nilsen and Willie Nelson

Ole Paus – one of the few i have been to a concert with lately, he is all about true wisdom and a genuinely big and warm heart –  I wish you could understand his lyrics. I don’t think there is a Norwegian born who does not carry a Ole Paus song with them in their hearts.Mitt lille land – my small country I am half way in love with this man for his big heart and wonderful lyrics

Anita Skorgan, i remember her as the most beautiful woman ever when i was young. She has not grown old and ugly, her beauty is as radiant as ever – i simply feel her when i watch her on the screen. She does not ooze of big words, but she makes the small ones count and they walk right into ones heart. Det begynner å bli ett liv, It is starting to get the shape of a life

Marian Ravn, i must admit i did not know her well, but she has made a fantastic media person of herself the last few years in Norway. It looks to me as if she dresses up in her emotions – i feel i can feel her mood, and nothing i have seen has made me like her less. She looks like an angel and sings like an angel 🙂 Marion Raven – here i am

Magnus Gronneberg – CC Cowboys, again lyrics to die for, but as far as i know they are all in norwegian. I had barely seen anything where he said much about himself or his life, but in this show he has shared parts of the real him – for me this is as real as any reality can get. Harry – CC Cowboys

Lene Marlin, still closed up, yet very emotional. She has been gone from the media for quite some time – it felt good to see her there again. She writes fantastic songs, and her voice is like the best dessert ever. She is the kind i wish i could protect because she appears so vulnerable to me. Lene Marlin Sitting Down Here

And then Morten Abel who also seems to grow more and more handsome with the years, perhaps it is their wisdom that does it, i am not sure. I have to put a norwegian song out from his collection because i remember the summer it was released so well : Morten Abel – Tore Tang

This show is as close to perfection as a show can get. It is feel good, it is so real, it is a uppourtunity to get a closer look on some of our musical celebrities, and this season it seems like the match has been close to perfect. I am sure you all have your musicians whom stayed national and never got international – but still they may be the greatest ones in your hearts. You can see their peculiarities and you just know that they are strong personalities that take their space, but it is all shown with a heart and a nerve to it so you just lean back and enjoy their humanity just as much as you enjoy their talent.

My two – Looooooong words for today 🙂

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.

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