Feeling good….

Sitting with this foot of mine, that i sometimes feel will be the end of the real me (which i deep down know it won’t) – in that constant pain i have come to think that there are perhaps no moments in time where your body would be perfect as it was before all this happened.

1-1lite                                            The harmony in a threesome……

I love that wooden sculpture, i don’t know how three can make a complete harmony, but i am sure it could be done.

Thing is : today i bursted out that if my foot would just behave again, i would promise to appreciate every day life gives me without pain and be grateful ! I then bursted out laughing over the greatness in my promise and with deep knowledge of my own humanity i knocked on wood 🙂

I do appreciate so many things in life. Our wonderful children, 4 of them – fantastic and so very different in what drives them and in their goals. Yet they are magnificent ! I see their brilliance and admire them all 4!

Every morning i have my cat greeting me, with love – it humbles me, she is a free spirit and is allowed to leave me whenever she wants, yet she has chosen me, she chose to live with me for the past 16 years! I love her !

I have fantastic friends who come to visit now that i am unable to go anywhere, i have also gained so much from the internet and especially my twitter friends – i appreciate it more than any of you will probably know.

So – pain or no pain : I see the good in life, how fortunate i am after all, and i am grateful and it makes me feel good ! Thank you life, and thank you my friends.

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