Being a single mom and all the extra candy….

Todays two words are inspired greatly by the story of a very close friend of mine. She does not live near me so she will not be recognized through me venting some frustrations. She is physically beautiful, she is a free spirit and one of the most caring mothers i know. I have seen her up close and i know her children, so i have the deepest confidence in my knowledge of her, both as a friend through a lifetime, and as a mother in action.

Yesterday she was called in to a meeting with the children’s services in Norway. I got the short version, and lucky for her she sees the humour in it all – but still ! I know what struggles she has endured and how she has created a good life for herself and her children – in spite of the system and not because of it. She did not deserve this, and she did not need it !

rekkehus                                        a tightly knit neighbourhood….(an example only)

I was a single mother for many years and i know a thing or two about things that you have to put up with and get used to as one of them. It is not fun with men knocking on your window late night, men thinking they offer a favor by stopping by on their way home from a “wet” trip to a bar with friends. Little things like that really brighten a tired single mothers everyday life. And YES – this is IRONY…..

The official instances also take a special interest in single mothers and as soon as something is not just right, they first look to the mother, then to the rest of their life. It can scare the bejeezes out of any poor soul, single moms have to stand strong cause they don’t have that special someone to lean on.

Then there are the concerned neighbours – you better be of a A4 format to survive with neighbours. If you are not, the concern will be endless – and never of the good kind! This is what my friend now is facing, a concerned neighbour – and the allegations were apparently endless. My friend ended up telling them to check the school for her kids attendance, take a blood sample to prove she is not on drugs and had to answer questions like : “Do you go after your neighbours husbands?”

My friend has nothing to fear, she is drug free and her kids attend school every day – but who else has to endure things like this? Who else would put up with something like this?

As a previous single mother i know it is of great importance that all allegations like these are met with a calm appearance and a forthcoming attitude – WHO else can actually do that in a situation like this?

My two words today are in honor of single mothers – they really need their super powers !

PS – OBS – NB !!! This is for ALL the single mothers – with or without beards !!!!

2 thoughts on “Being a single mom and all the extra candy….

  1. Interesting article Miss Ner 😀
    Can I bring your attention to the fact that it is usually a bunch of women clucking round together interfering and trying to iron out all the creases in their visible world. As a single father, I have experienced this and have seen first hand the treatment other single fathers get. The worst are the young women, life is so black and white them, their edges get smoothed once they have had children and lived a little. They try and make the disabled as normal as possible so that they don’t have to see disability themselves, regardless of what the disabled person themselves wants. It’s all I can do not to ‘Grrr’ at the thought of it.
    I join you in honouring single mothers, even the ones with beards 😀

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