Survival of the fittest

There is a funny little discussion going on in one of Norways finer newspapers – started by an article about politeness and manners while travelling. To me it shows the essence of why there can never be peace in this world.

busstog                                 Passengers being the problem, not the media 🙂

So – one part feels that the other part is taking up too much space on the bus or train, and they show no manners whatsoever. They are impolite and rude. They don’t share their seats or offer them to the elderly and sick. Sometimes they even take up two seats without remorse.

To me this appears rather rude and not very well mannered, but who am i to comment – i seldom sit on a bus or a train. I pollute the world in my little car.

So then there is the other side, who point their fingers at the whiners and say they are losers and that when you don’t claim your space you don’t deserve it. Survival of the fittest gets a whole new dimension to me when reading these arguments.Is it nature taking it’s course, or is it just moral decay i wonder…..

Anyway – the more i see and the more i understand why we are a world constantly at war somewhere, because i don’t see these two different personalities sitting down in a pleasant and constructive conversation in the near future.

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