The weight of our past may prevent the lightness of being

The sum of our lives is what makes us who we are, and perhaps the sum of what we cannot leave behind may be a part of why we don’t experience the lightness of just being?

My emotional backpack is stuffed with experiences of all kinds – they all add up and out comes the sum of me!                                                                                                         I am at that age where i prefer to vision my backpack kind of like this:

Ryggsekk med stol                                 The chair is for when i have to take a breather !

When i move, i tend to go through my stuff and get rid of a lot of things that i don’t have any use for anymore, when i move on i am not really that good at doing the same. I take a look at myself, and while i wish i could blame my past, i know deep down that it is also a matter of how much i actually chose to keep carrying with me.

I have carried so much with me, for so many years, that it is actually hard to get rid of a lot of it. Seems it has grown on me and almost into me, and this cleaning will take a while! Looking at my life without a lot of it is almost scary, like i have grown dependant on things i would do much better without.

So – here’s to cleaning and getting rid of some crap – and another to doing without !

Let’s finally enjoy the lightness of just being, let’s do it together 🙂

Wish you all a great day !

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