The everyday moments inplanted in my soul

Life brings all these people into your life, some are just jewels in passing – others are there to stay. The more people you have met, the more you appreciate the few wonderful stayers, and the ones you choose to keep in your private little sphere.

rettførfrokostikorsbakkenfb                                   A selection from my boquet of flowers

Sharing the festive days are fun, celebrating the hightlights of our lives in mutual joy – but most of all i find that it is those golden everyday moments that stay in my heart as sources of energy and lasting joy! Such mundane words that excist in abundance for these treasures that life brings you on a plate.

Warm, these moments, these special people, they make me feel warm inside. They show me my blessings, the ones that i count every day!

When were they degraded to routines, to descriptions that to most is considered at best to be boring fill in a conversation? It is what happens every day that is the real treasures in your life, don’t hide them – shake the dust off and let them shine in all their glory!

So, to all of you that are special – who will become special to me: THANK YOU!

Love and blessings 🙂

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