Who is losing out, the loser or the lost?

Let’s talk about “losers” – or rather those who are considered to be one, and the ones who seem to use the term loosely.

I must admit, i have been one of them, and pride is not what swells in my heart while admitting that, but i know there was a genuinly false pride and an intense need to somehow feel better about myself – i chose that pointing finger:

finger-pointing                                                            LOSER!!!

Oooo, that false pride and lack of selfinsight stings – as it should. Shame on me!

So, if pride has to be a part of all this, i must admit – and now with a pride more genuine than the one that made me talk about others without manners or respect – i am now, in the eyes of the people who feel the need to compartmentalize others in such a dispicable manner – most likely to be placed in the loosing end of that box.

With a smile i find myself in company with people who tried, people who lived, people with a story to tell: their own story! A story about being human, interesting and with a complexity i guess only “losers” can be able to comprehend. All these wonderful people make me think that there is hope for humanity after all !

So, that lable “LOSER” so nicely glued to my forehead sometimes weighs me down, and there are days i feel tempted to feel better – not through my own actions –  but by letting that finger come up again: MAY IT ROT AND FALL OFF !

To me the real winner does not have the need to point their finger at anyone to claim their victory or feel their worth. A real winner sees what he or she has accomplished, and values their fortune with that very becoming humbleness that only a true winner can have.

So – to all my fellow losers:

Take pride in having tried, whether is is through the effort of surviving the tragedies that life so effortlessly slipped into your laps – or from throwing yourselves out there, doing your best – only to find that this time, your best was not good enough. Take pride in your effort, take pride in your experience and take pride in the wisdom gained.

Stand tall and hold your head high and never forget that that “loser” lable makes you the real winner. Your are truly lost when you think that selfconfidence comes from making others feel like losers! We are never smaller than when we belittle others and try to create the illusion of greatness at the cost of making others feel small.

See the beauty in you, seize the beauty in you!

I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

2 thoughts on “Who is losing out, the loser or the lost?

  1. Great blog post. I can’t even imagine what a “loser” in life is. Life is a game that never ends until its over, and when it is over, you have neither won or lost, just ‘played’. Even those assholes who criticize and call others “losers” are not losers themselves, just bad sports, and not very fun to play with, so I don’t. *Hugs*

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