Belly with baby day

I had a beautiful belly carrying a new life inside for a visit today – and got to try to take some belly pictures for the first time in my life.

Felt the restraints of no extra light and a confined space, but feel quite happy with some of the result 🙂

1-1-8liteI am very fond of the owner of this belly, so it was important to me that some of theese turned out ok 🙂

So – this is belly art sharing 🙂

Wishing you all a great Thursday – Friday tomorrow 🙂


A  musician, whom I do not know personally, but that I admire greatly (Ole Paus) once said that he felt a distance to the world –  and that his songs were written in that space between him and the rest of the world. Beautiful lyrics, for Norwegians only to enjoy unfortunately.

When entering that space he was talking about, and watching the world through eyes like his, one thing comes out perhaps stronger than anything else.

We are born the same, yet we seem to see others as either less than us or better than us. We can seek like-minded people, but it seems like we find it hard to see our equals.

speil                                            Mirror mirror on the wall…….

I wonder why, we look in the mirror and we seek magic, perhaps we are searching for the one we wish we looked like? But what when we meet our equal? Are we really ready for our true soul mates?

I wonder if the one who is no more, and no less than ourselves perhaps is the scariest one of them all.

It is Wednesday – a good Wednesday in my book – off to face my demons 🙂

Wish you a great day !

Losing what you never had

You can lose someone close to you, or bits and pieces that were a part of great memories. Material things are lost constantly – but what about the things you never had?

I am wanting you to take a short trip into a soul. Born innocent and beautiful as all babies are when they come into this world. With an open heart and the eagerness to learn and start living. A child with a life ahead, a life it wants and longs for.

babylite                                                Two new beginnings ❤

The first things a baby needs is food, sleep and love. In all its innocence it will learn from the one who is there to show them the way of life.

Innocent grows up and becomes experience – one step at the time. It is a journey of choices made, choices made by innocent and choices made by experienced. Time will come when innocent no longer is innocent, but experienced too.

The greatest void created in a child, I think is the one where there is lack of love. It can grow and become a bottomless hole of hunger and desperation. A hole that can suck you in and suck you down. Innocence may stay in the child and it will seek love and affirmation everywhere but inside itself. Not a good place to be. Not a healthy place to stay. Most of us touch it from time to time, after all – our caretakers are only human – but some live it every day. It is harder to cut that navel cord when it was dysfunctional in the first place. but remember, it was supposed to be cut, and what is left when you leave the nest is up to the one who cared for you more than anything else.

It hurts to lose the love you never had !

It is Tuesday, pick up Monday and carry it on to Wednesday

Wishing you all a great week !

So happy to be

Some days are greater gifts than others, not in the sense that anything is really different – just in the sense that something you feel that day, breathe that day and live that day is slightly different from others.

sol                                                      perhaps like this

I think I get these days as a reminder of how beautiful these everyday moments and days really are. You wake up and the air is fresh; I carry the people I love in my heart, I have the people I love with me, I am surrounded by an environment that I got to choose – one that is filled with my kind of beauty.

I feel liberated, I feel all of me – I am grateful for all of  me and the all of me I am allowed to be 🙂

It is Monday, I wish you all a great start of a new week 🙂

What if….

…the what if’s were a WHATIF ?

They can be useful, they can be destroying, they can make you seem paranoid and they can make you seem aware. What the H…. would i do without my whatif’s, and why do i have to be bothered by them at all?

What if the Whatif had a switch?

Bryter med vri                                                  A nostalgic whatif switch 🙂

We all have our bags full of whatif’s – the ones conserning choices in the past – which are usually quite useless unless used constructively for choices in the future. Turn it off as soon as it gets negative and you feel destruction coming.

The whatif’s something goes wrong – a lot more confusing kind, but also usually very present in most of us. We actually need them to prevent disasters, but whatif they prevent us from excelling in life? I would suggest turning it off for a short while, just to take a look at it and figure out if it is worth it or not.

The what if he or she does not love me throws in the WHAT THEN? a whole other switch and theme. Ask yourself what good the whatif does for you when what then solely is there to prevent you from feeling vulnerable yourself.

Ok – what if i had a whatif switch – what would i do then ?

It is Friday, weekend is coming up – wishing you a great day with a moderate whatif rate 🙂

The beautiful sounding spice of life

I say lean back and listen to the stream of memories, take a deep breath and just hear it run like water in a creek – quietly, and persistently, finding its way through the bends and turns that life has given your path of experiences. That silent sigh spiced with a whisper of relief. Let it out and enjoy the peace of the moment.

gammle stol                          My imaginary recliner has been through som rough times

I can taste, feel and vision so many things. Fear, anger, resentment, joy, happiness, beauty, pride – the list is endless and colorful. The rainbow of life.

That perfect cup of coffee in the morning, the one where time stands still and your universe is filled with you and nothing else. The sound of quiet, rare and precious – i think perhaps it is love.

How I love those moments : of me, for me, from me – to me!

Sometimes sometime has to be about you.

It is Wednesday, I wish you all a moment for you – enjoy 🙂

Photo: Lene Bergstrøm Møbeltapetserer

Owning your own truth…

It sometimes strikes me as a little peculiar how we, perhaps the most possessive race to ever have existed – find it so surprisingly easy to place our truth in the hands of others.

If you touch my car, my house – whatever materialistic thing i own: I will report you to the police! Plain and simple.

politi                                                           POLICE !

I wonder where they are when someone takes your truth. And we do, all of us – in discussions and every time we voice an opinion and forget to be humble and respect others right to own their truth. I question many’s truth right now, and it does make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

I see websites popping up everywhere – where people exclaim that they can help me with my problems. I hear different methods and ways to true happiness, and all my alarms go off – there is no thing in life that is only positive, not even love – so where are the negatives?

We know so well that you can sit with a friend and watch a show on tv, and both of you will have a different perception and experience of the show. One opinion or experience is not less true than the other – it is how it is , it is who we are! It is what makes the world so beautiful and so complex at the same time!

Then comes the hard part, someone elses truth about YOU! It can sting and hurt and break a person down to a million pieces. For some reason, we can fight for our right to like and enjoy a musician, but so many of us forget to fight for the right to like ourselves.

Why is it, I wonder, that your truth about me  should affect my truth about me in such a severe manner?

This has been, and is a struggle, in the lives of everyone i know – including myself. Sometimes we see it clearly – other times we don’t. Nothing is black, and nothing is white – so why do we allow others to define ourselves in such poor coloring?

I believe it is healthy with some scepticism, even when something appears to be a quick fix to happiness. Even when the person who labels you in black and white supposedly loves you. Believe in your own right and wrong, and believe in others right to their right and wrong – find that place where you respect their right to have their opinion about you – and if it is energy draining and depressive, allow yourself some happiness and move on.

Some scepticism is healthy, negative scepticism in abundance is not – no scepticism is crazy 🙂

own your truth, respect others right to do the same!

It is Tuesday – I wish you all a great day 🙂