If love was a piece of fabric….

If love was a piece of fabric there would be nothing left – it would be worn and torn due to overuse and lack of care.

I hear the word all over the place – “i love that coat” – “I love that house” – “I love that car” – “I love my children” – I love meatballs is said in the same breath as i love my husband. Sometimes one can wonder why the world is so full of hate, wars, crime and famine and misery. From my standpoint it seems we are swimming in love. We love colors, we love foods, we love houses, we love cars – perhaps the crime in itself is that we allow ourselves to love all these material things?

If love was a piece of fabrics i guess it would look something like this:

Perhaps we all should attend a love class? One where we learned to differentiate all this love we feel? One where we learned how to love and maintain love, seems that is an art about to be totally forgotten.

It is like we love everything that makes us somehow happy, and as soon as it does not makes us happy anymore, we hate it instead.

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