Feelgood – you can do it :)

The key to feeling good is up to you, it is a matter of how you allow peoples definitons of you mark you as a person.

We build these walls around us, and some of them are overdue. Take a look around you and make sure that your walls have doors for the feelgood people. You can allow yourself to admire someone, but remember that they are not necessarily those who should be allowed to define you as a person. Protect the you that you love and fill your you with feedback from the ones who actually make your you feel good.

Keep the key close to your heart, yet allways remember that it is there, and hand it out freely – not to those who judge you, but to those who appreciate you.

Don’t let the “superior” scare you, and never allow them to make you feel small. If any emotions at all, let there be pity. Pity the ones who are too small to allow you to feel big and good about yourself.Make your heart a spacy one with room for them all, and save the little door for those who actually expand the space in your soul. It is amazing how many people a small space can room if they are open to share 🙂

2 thoughts on “Feelgood – you can do it :)

  1. It is amazing how many people a small space can room if they are open to share(Это удивительно, как много людей небольшом пространстве может номере, если они открыты поделиться) The whole philosophy of the text is filled with an ideal structure of the world and the individual. In the last sentence, there is a reservation “if they are open” – this is a stumbling block or the key that has more secrets than the one-on photos … And do not understand the author, who in such an imperfect world, looking for the ideal! By the way, all machine translation, so they lie not evaluate my review very. Thank you!

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