Carl I Hagen and his predicaments

We have this politician in Norway who throughout his poitical carriere has been very good at lashing out on other politicians, people, religions and causes – mocking people and throwing himself at every populistic statement that trends in the society if they have a negative aspect towards someone else. He has also a history of whining when he or his politic collegues have been the “victims” of the same treatment as they themselves give others. You probably know by now that i don’t have much respect for his opinions and statements 🙂

Now he is out in the papers proclaiming that his prophecies against the muslims have been true, the present leader of the political party he used to lead supports his statement. The muslims have brought their conflicts and problems into our country. This is because of the slack immigration politics that our leading politicians, according to the two of them.

I just wonder how far away from the rest of the world we should be in Norway – how much of an outsider we should be in our little bubble of perfection. And how long will Norway stay independant if we close our borders and decide that we will not be a part of anything or anyone that can bring anything negative into our lovely little peaceful country. Which turned out to not be as peaceful as we thought – but again, that was a consequence of our politics against muslims, we were too open and Breivik wanted to put a stop to that.

We also have well adjusted muslims in Norway, quite a few of them actually – but it is like they are not a part of the equation. I wonder why “good” seems to be so much lighter and less worth when it comes to issues like these.

Is it right though to point a finger towards one religion, one people or should we not judge them the way we like to be judged ourselves? – as individuals with individual backgrounds and ways of adjusting to the world around us?

I see the trend in my country, as in the rest of the world – we like to blame someone spesific for our misery and troubles. The extreme muslims blame the western world and its ways, the western world likes to blame the muslims. Both tendencies worry me and both tendencies are understandable. The issues are extremely complicated –  it seems that when it comes to judging it is socially acceptable to grab the light version, but if we talk acceptance it is so complicated that we never get to the bottom of it.

I don’t see the muslims being any “better” than “us” when it comes to these issues, the only thing i feel i can say for sure is that neither of us are any better than the other.

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