Sophie – my alibi for speaking out loud when home alone :)

This is Sophie – my friend and faithful follower through many years šŸ™‚

SophieShe landed on my doorstep 15 years ago, full of infections and a sorry sight. I took her in and nursed her back to the natural beauty she is šŸ™‚

She has been a faithful friend ever since. I can see now that age is getting to her and she is not the perky cat she used to be, yet a majestic woman for her age šŸ™‚

Relations are funny, Sophie here is my listener when i have things to say, but noone to listen. I don’t feel strange when she is around and i talk out loud. I am certain that any petowner will understand, and those who don’t have them will perhaps think i am a little strange. Thing is, Sophie answers with her meows and little purrs when i talk and we have small discussions which i find entertaining. I remember when our son was younger and he sighed and looked at me, then said: ” You are so lucky who can understand her language” šŸ™‚ An amusing thought and i must say i was tempted to let him think i was some kind of superwoman, but the mother in me got the better of me and i explained how things really were šŸ™‚

We all need them, our pets, our friends – someone who listens and somehow confirm our presence. Sophie is one of mine. She chose me, she chose to stay with me – and i will care for her till the day she dies.

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