Lance Armstrong – fame and shame

I don’t have any personal pics of Lance Armstrong, so here is a link to an article in a Norwegian Newspaper:

I was never a fan of sitting in front of the tv watching sports, so my knowledge of sports in general either comes from watching in person or reading in the newspapers 🙂 Like every other human being I am subjective and my opionions and thoughts are mine and reflects upon noone but myself.

It is sad when an ikon, admired by so many, turns out to be a cheat and also apparantly on a major powertrip. When i read about him and see his merits i cannot help but wonder how he got to this point where he apparantly viewed himself as godlike.

He was good and wanted to be better, i guess we all can relate to that – then something happened and he found himself in a situation where he decided he was above the law – i wonder if someone came to him with an offer or if he sought it himself. I wonder if someone made the wrong a right for him, or if he found the right himself. If we look at ourselves it is a pretty human factor, we all wish for something and we all find ourselves in situations where we have to either do the right thing or make up a reason and an excuse for why we don’t. I feel sorry for him and i am disappointed, yet i know in my heart that i have not allways chosen the “right” path myself – yet i am fortunate enough to not have fame and the consequences of my actions reflects upon me more than anyone else.

Imagine being in a situation where cancer almost is a good sent gift, i guess he is pretty unique in that sense – and he knew how to use it to the fullest. This makes him perhaps even more petty, yet i wonder how it happened. Was the strong unbeatable Armstrong more scared of shame in his fame than he was of the cancer threatening to take his life i wonder? Is that what fame does to us? Does it have more power over us than the fear of death? Does it own us to the extent that we literally think we have no life without it?

I find that thought scary!

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