Hello world!

Hello world – what an infinite start and a wonderful hello actually. All these options and possibilities startle me, yet i found myself going through one theme after the other, and ended up with a simple one – since simplicity is what i tend to like in most aspects of my world.

I like the net, i like how it enables me to “meet”Β  new people and peek into interesting cultures. I have a fb account and a twitter account, and i guess i prefer Twitter. I like the randomness of the tweets, i like being able to communicate with several people at onceΒ  – i like the option to send my thoughts out in random order and i like the communicative in twitter. I also like to listen to others thoughts – and boy do i enjoy a good laugh:)

There is not much mindlblowing about me or my messages, yet i like to think that we all are mindblowing in our own way, and perhaps what we forget more than anything is the glory of our own uniqueness?
Since this is new to me, i will start slow – i do thank you for your attention and wish you all a marvellous day πŸ™‚

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