out in the nature

I am fortunate, I go home to peace and quiet. My visitors are usually invited and the four-legged are always welcome.


I feel fortunate to live like this, and there is not a day I do not appreciate what I have πŸ™‚

I wish you all a great monday πŸ™‚

My piece of heaven

I live in the forrest, not too far away from the center of a small town. Our house is at the end of a dead end road, our flowers are wild and most of the visitors too πŸ™‚ We’ve lived here for 10 something years now, and i grow more fond of this place for every year that passes. I love the quiet, i love nature, i love the animals i get to admire from my windows – it is paradise for me πŸ™‚


Not sure what happened to this guy, but he has not lost his magic πŸ™‚

It’s eastervacation time here, the first one of my kids is coming today – cannot wait to pick her up from the airport πŸ™‚

Wish you all a fantastic Suday πŸ™‚

Being present does not mean that your child is not alone

You can see it in their eyes, the lonely children – the lack of trust in their eyes, that knowledge you see deep in there, the one that makes them seem so much older than their physical appearance.

Children growing up without the instinctive knowledge of trust. Children growing up, knowing that you simply cannot trust anyone but yourself. Children hungry for trust. Angry children, overly needy children – the ones with a bottomless pit of need inside. They touch a string inside that scares so many of us. We get annoyed by them, angry at them and we wish they were not near. We don’t want to know, we don’t want to try to fix them – we don’t want that responsibility.

ImageImagine how fresh they once were, buds – waiting to bloom. Someone drew some horrifying lines on their paper – noone want to see the drawings! Someone failed to fill their blank papers with pictures of trust and love and joy. Once you step over the lines, once you cross those boundaries, once you touch that child in a wrong manner with the wrong intentions you have colored their lives forever. Memories that never die.

So, it’s sad – it’s terrible – but it does not have to be without hope. Next time you meet a child that brings out the worst in you, try to give them a smile πŸ™‚

be selective when you elect

Politicians are personal, you choose a person and you choose their politics. First and foremost i find it very important to not choose people who appear to know better for the rest of us, not even on behalf of their competition. It is a part of a nature, if they disrespect that others have an other opinion, they are more likely to disrespect their followers too.

hΓΈst 2013Pick the one with the strength to be true to fellow beliefs and still respect that we do not all follow the same beliefs.

It is Saturday, I wish you all a great day πŸ™‚

Fear of the unknown

prejudice is a fear of the unknown, it seems to be the fastest growing weed in the world.

As humans we tend to seek routines and avoid throwing ourselves into the unknown, yet the greatest unknown is an all-time present : time itself.

Anita og Stella på Skogtur-1-7fbSo we protect our own, and what we own – to an extent where we forget to protect the only thing we surely never will get back: Time!

Perhaps it is time to protect our time – make sure we treasure that only constant unknown factor in our lives?

It is Thursday – let’s cherish today, we know nothing of tomorrow – wish you a great one:)

when speculations become facts

There is a terrible plague going around, it is called speculations,presented as facts – outcome may very well be deadly in many cases.

I keep thinking that we have to look to ourselves when we find we lust for what’s on that tempting tray of speculations. We have to take one step back, ask ourselves if we really think that anyone else would know what was going on inside us at any given point in time.


Big ears, but even bigger mouths!

We all do it from time to time, but we should all aim for as little of it as possible. Evil gossip and speculations is known to cause misery and death.

I want the freedom to be me, i want you to have that freedom too; you have never walked in my shoes, and i have never walked in yours.

It is Wednesday, midweek – I wish you all a good one πŸ™‚




It comes in all forms – and i guess that first and foremost it is physical pain that comes to mind when the word is uttered.

Physical pain is hard when it affects your mental state, yet – you can use mental strenght to overcome a lot of physical pain. How about mental pain?

There is no other person who can know entirely how the inner you works. There is no other person who can take your mental pain and remove it. When lost in the maze of your inner pain you have to be your own guiding light.


It can be a lonely path, this life of ours.

Accept the love from those around you, and know that the reason why they love you lives in you!

It is Tuesday, it’s been a while – i’ll get back on track πŸ™‚